Best Documentary

2007 Seattle True Independent Film Festival

Best Film

2007 San Antonio Underground Film Festival

Best Soundtrack & Best Documentary

2007 Backseat Film Festival

Screening at Planet Hollywood in NYC.

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October 3 London, UK Raindance Film Festival

March 11 Austin, TX Texas Rock Fest

April 1 Philadelphia, PA Backseat Film Festival

May 5 Los Angeles, CA Silver Lake Film Festival

May 12 Meriden, CT New Haven Underground Film Festival

June 2 Seattle, WA Seattle True Independent Film Festival

June 3 Hoboken, NJ Hoboken International Film Festival

June 22 Staten Island, NY Staten Island Film Festival

June 23 San Antonio, TX San Antonio Underground Film Festival

July 14 San Francisco, CA Frozen Film Festival

July 25 NYC, NY NY Independent International Film Festival

August 15 Cleveland, OH Backseat Film Festival

August 25 Valley Stream, NY Slipped Disc Film Festival

September 1 Tucson, AZ Tucson Film & Music Festival

September 7 Antwerp, Belgium Antwerp Film Festival

September 14 Oldenburg, Germany Oldenburg Film Festival

September 15 Oldenburg, Germany Oldenburg Film Festival

September 16 Brooklyn, NY Europa Film Festival

September 2, Athens, Greece Athens International Film Festival

September 30 Paris, France Anthem Film Festival

Finland Rokumentti Film Festival

Gothenberg, Sweden 


January 8 Aarhus Denmark Royal Metal Festival 

July 4 Sao Paulo, Brazil In-Edit Film Festival

A Global Phenomenon

GET THRASHED made it's World Premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London on October 3, 2007. Kinda ironic since the UK was not known as being a hotbed for thrash metal, but nonetheless, the theater was packed and thrash fans greeted both Rat Skates and Rick Ernst with open arms. It was an incredible night that was to be repeated over 30 more times around the world as GET THRASHED hit the film festival circuit in 2006-07. Highlights included sold out theaters in San Francisco, LA, NY and the prestigious Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany.