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* Comprehensive, informative and often hilarious (especially the clothes), "Get Thrashed" is a must see no matter what kind of music you're into.”

--Scott Ian / Anthrax

* ... the film offers a glimpse at a vibrant, sometimes violent subculture, that, for a moment in time, appeared ready to take over the world.

--Jon Wiederhorn / Revolver Magazine

* Rick Ernst manages to not only capture the excitement of the original thrash metal scene he also finds a unique way of breaking the film up that will give those not familiar with thrash metal the chance to understand it.

--Iann Robinson / former MTV VJ


* ... the viewer feels actually thrashed, totally beaten up, steamrolled and willing to immediately form a metal band after the film.

--MOX / Germany - City magazine

*Rick Ernst has managed to capture the spirit of a metal phenomenon while addressing its influence on today's metal scene. I for one could not be more fired up!
Holt / Exodus


* ... this is mandatory viewing.

--Danny Lilker / Nuclear Assault

*Wow, what a kick ass effort! This is
one of the best documentaries I have ever seen on heavy metal.

--Sean Cowie /

Brilliant soundtrack. Get Thrashed - The Story Of Thrash Metal is a MUST SEE!

Marcel / Metalstorm MAGAZINE (ONLINE)


*Best Film - 2007 San Antonio Underground Film Festival

*Best Documentary - 2007 Seattle True Independent Film Festival

*Best Documentary / Best Soundtrack - 2007 Backseat Film Festival

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